Workshops for Educators

  • Poetry & Storytelling for you and your students
  • Arts Integration
  • Building Community with Advisory
  • World Percussion
  • Garageband: Create, Remix, and Record with Purpose

Workshops for adults and students (ages 6+)

  • Poetry and Storytelling (writing and performance)
  • Songwriting (beginners)
  • African Drumming (beginner – intermediate)


“Ayanna is a natural performer and educator.  She inspires her audiences and students alike with her passion for music and poetry. Her workshops are hands-on and thought-provoking.  She makes creative writing and poetry accessible and enjoyable allowing participants to stretch their potential”
-Elizabeth M. Peterson, arts integration specialist,

“Ayanna volunteered to teach and mentor teens during the “Phenomenal Woman Project” hosted by Arts In Reach. Ayanna was committed herself to the program for two years in a row, and not only served the youth well, but helped our organization make positive connections in the community.  She is a wonderful educator. What is most obvious is not only her abilities as teacher, but her desire to make a real, positive difference in the world around her. This is a rare gift.”
-Shannon Marshall, Program Director of Arts In Reach (AIR)


As my mentor, Ayanna’s endless encouragement and good-natured challenges to help me fine-tune my skills made a world of difference to my writing and performance. Her sincere passion for what she does and her astounding talent both sparked my interest, and having her to look up to has had an immense effect on my poetry and my life.
-Kelsey Bogacz, Student and co-workshop leader


Ayanna provides a unique spin on integrating technology into the music classroom from a “kid’s” perspective. Creative. Active. Hands on. Exciting stuff!
-Carl Swain, Music Educator
“Ayanna joined us for our museum’s winter family day celebrating Kwanzaa, and she made the day memorable and special for both our staff and the children and families that came through. She provided 30-minute drumming sessions that were both fun and instructional, and she was a consummate professional in the way that she structured the time, interacted with a variety of ages, and managed the room. As we looked back at photos from the day, we saw so many faces full of joy as they interacted with Ayanna and her students, and we hope to continue to partner with her in the future!”
-Emily DraperProgram Specialist/ The Early Childhood Education Initiative, National Museum of African American History and Culture

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